Embroidered KATAAN Silk with Embroidered Trouser 2PC Unstitched-VM-041


Components: SHIRT & TROUSER

Season: Winter

Colour: Yellow


Collection: Winter Collection-22 Vol.3-VM041

Availability: 15 in stock

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Embroidered KATAAN Silk With Embroidered Trouser 2PC-VM-041

Shirt :

  • Embroidered Silk Front
  • Embroidered Silk Sleeves
  • Embroidered Silk Back

Trouser :

  • Embroidered Silk Trouser


KATAAN Silk is a unique type of cloth which is basically use in Fancy & Party Wear Category. KATAAN Silk is a plain-women stuff with pure silk fibre it consists of two threads wraped together and is mostly used for the muffle of light fabrics. KATAAN Silk is a Varanasi term, It is prepared by winding various silk thread that make it very strong and long-lasting.


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